What is the Purpose of this Blog?

I have created this blog specifically for the EVO session, Web 2.0 for ESP, but more importantly, to try out some integration of other tools I have been experimenting with recently.

So, its life may be short or long, depending upon what works and what doesn't! Potential readers, you have been warned :-)

Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Tangler claims to be a 'live discussion forum'. I have used it with learners and so far, they like it due to its simple interface and ease of use.

Join in the discussion here and just try it out. Feel free to post new topics and videos, images, audio files.

Forum discussion here

1 comment:

Buthaina Alothman said...

Hi Moira,

I joined your Tangler forum, but unfortunately I got this message when I was trying to sign in:

Crikey! Something unexpected has occurred

If you are experiencing a bug or odd behaviour, please email us at support@tangler.com

It does seem like an interesting forum platform though.

I'll try again, later!